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I am a self-motivated Software Solution Architect who always does what is best for the company and its products.  I have wide experience building meaningful applications, learning new technologies, leading teams, applying clean code principles, and using agile software development methodologies.  Primary technologies include C#, ASP.NET, MVC, JavaScript, SQL Server.  Experienced in full stack design and DevOps development for SaaS using both AWS and Azure Cloud Platforms.


Kraig is a rare combination of outstanding intelligence, dedication to excellence, and common sense which sets him apart from his peers.”

“Kraig is in a class by himself as an employee and his experience and expertise are key to WellMed’s technical ability to meet future company goals.  Kraig’s aggressive and “can do” attitude combined with his extraordinary common sense approach to problems set him apart from most if not all technical people in the industry“

“Kraig is the glue that keeps PDX Core development together. He is a strong leader who knows when to listen to others and when to stay firm on a topic.  Kraig is very humble; he never blows his own horn or uses 10 words when 1 will do“

“Kraig is extremely easy to work with and is very patient with people“


Code Database DevOps/Cloud Security
SQL Server




Log Shipping

Reporting Services


Azure and AWS Cloud Architecture

CI/CD using Cruise Control/MSBuild

Agile Software Development Practices

Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup

Domain-Driven Design

TFS Team Services

SSL Certificates
Database Encryption

SQL Injection
OWASP Top 10

.NET Identity

Security Audits


API Integrations

Payments Real Estate/Banking/Law Social Communications Misc.
Bridge IDX












Amazon SES









Google Suite






Follow The Lead, LLC – Manager/CTO   2019-Present  
  • Created Marketing organization to provide custom website builds and lead-generation services for Real Estate, Banking, Legal and other Professionals.
  • Created 256 bit SSL custom web site platforms on Amazon AWS with custom integrations, CRM, and lead-generation services.
  • Automate Customer Experience from Initial Ad/Capture to Post Sale via API Integrations for Communications (Email, SMS, Voice & Multi Platform API Ingestion)
  • Generated over 2.5 Million Customer Leads Across Multiple Platforms


TraceGains – Platform Architect    2018-Present  
  • Architect for SaaS solutions for Supply Chain Management (Food and Supplement Market). Products hosted on Azure using Azure DevOps for build/deploy pipeline.
  • Created new product (Smart Library) by integrating existing Healthnotes product, and data.
  • Primary Architect/Developer for 3 key new products for TraceGains: Specification Management, Formula Management, Smart Alerts.


Healthnotes/Aisle7   2006–2018 
  • Architect/Developer for SaaS solution for Supply Chain Management – AWS, Azure, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, Knockout. This Lean Startup product was well received and attracted a buyout from TraceGains.
  • Created load-balanced web environments on both AWS and Azure.
  • Streamlined the DevOps pipeline using Cruise Control/MSBuild with CI/CD.
  • Saved time/expense by implementing a Document Management system using SQL Server
  • Built failover environment on Azure for customer data using SQL Server Log Shipping.
  • Reduced expenses and eliminated dependency on server hardware by migrating all products and development environment to the cloud (AWS and Azure).
  • Transformed the company from being a static content provider to a software development company by implementing a complete a re-architecture of legacy Kiosk and Web-based health content products and implementing SDLC processes.
  • Architect and co-developer for home-grown CMS with taxonomy and rendering engine.
  • Dramatically reduced time and expense of integrating 3rd-party content by automating ingestion of content via API and SSIS packages (e.g. FDB Drug Information, PubMed Studies, DSLD for Product Information).
  • Provided sophisticated predictive searching/filtering capabilities to users by using Lucene extensively and creatively.
  • Guaranteed delivery of all emails by building an email queuing system using Amazon SES.
  • Provided visibility into usage for customers and stakeholders by creating a reporting environment using Reporting Services and Google Analytics.
  • Maintained team efficiency by mentoring junior developers and developing coding guidelines.


WellMed/WebMD, Inc. – Platform Architect  2000-2006
  • Instrumental in transforming the company by creating a new product line for self-insured corporations and Health Insurance companies. Health Plan Comparisons and Drug Comparisons.
  • Streamlined acquisitions by integrating new products into the core product line.
  • Integrated drug content/interactions/pricing from FDB (First Data Bank) drug database.
  • Implemented web-based reports using Reporting Services and Web Service interface.
  • Maintained team efficiency by mentoring junior developers and developing coding guidelines.
  • Responsible for application architecture, infrastructure, and all technologies and tools used by the development group.
  • Technologies: ASP.NET/C#, SQL Server, SSIS, Reporting Services.


Timberline Software – Software Architect / Development Manager 1992-2000 
  • Designed and developed key components for B2B solution – C++, VB, COM
  • Managed group of developers to build/maintain core components used by all applications
  • Responsible for all technologies and tools used by the development group.


Timberline Software – Software Developer 1982-1992
  • Instrumental to the growth from 35 employees to over 600 employees by building the infrastructure for microcomputer software (shifting from mini-computers).
  • Built large library of components used to build DOS-based construction accounting applications. Originally developed in Pascal, but migrated to C/C++.
  • Built environment-agnostic infrastructure to ensure portability of all applications.
  • Ported all core components and applications written in C to many UNIX environments.
  • Simplified migration to Windows and OS/2 by porting components to MS Visual C++ /MFC.



1979–1981                         University of Oregon                              Eugene, OR

B.S. in Computer Science at age 19.         Minor in Mathematics.

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