5 Tips to Generate Real Estate Leads in 2020

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Generate Real Estate Leads in 2020

In 2020 the Real Estate industry is going to continue to rapidly change with new technologies. We believe the Realtor and Real Estate Broker will always have a place as the local expert in their area. What has changed greatly are the tools and lead generation resources available to today’s real estate agents, where a brand new agent has literally the same exact resources available to them as large multi billion dollar corporations such as Zillow. We all have the same advertising platform to reach most Americans and it is no secret, as Facebook has opened access to brands large and small directly to their customers daily lives. So any Real Estate Agent can start generating their own leads today.

To generate a steady stream of leads Agents need to embrace a few technologies and platforms. Many of our events and speeches typically boil down to one thing; taking action. As there are literally no barriers to entry, now is the perfect time to start generating your own Buyer, Seller, Renter and Investor Real Estate Leads

Our ad agency can help instantly generate new leads for real estate agents and brokers but we also have a few tips that any agent can quickly apply to get started generating more Gross Commission Income (GCI) in 2020!

Follow The Lead’s 5 Quick Tips for Realtors to Generate Their Own Real Estate Leads in 2020:

  1. Get Started on Facebook Advertising Today with a Business Account
  2. Set Up Your Facebook Business Page as a Realtor to Run Ads
  3. Publish a Lead Form to Your Facebook Page for Each Lead You Want to Generate
  4. Create a Facebook Lead Ad Campaign for Your Page to Your Lead Form
  5. Keep a Steady Budget & Monitor Progress

After creating your own ads you will see how easy yet vast the Facebook advertising platform is, and it can be a daunting task. If you would like help generating your first campaign or fine tune your already producing campaigns please Contact Us now. Our Certified Facebook Advertising Professionals can help get you a new stream of leads!

How to Generate Real Estate Leads in 2020 for Realtors & Real Estate Brokers

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We offer lead generation programs to help small to medium businesses generate new leads and customers for sales. We generate leads for Real Estate, Mortgage, Law Firms, Contractors, Home Services, Events, Software/Apps and more.


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