Digital Advertising Expert Nicholas Hiersche Launches New Marketing Agency

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Certified Advertising Expert Nicholas Hiersche Launches New Family-Owned Marketing Agency Specializing in Lead Generation.

Miami, FL February 24th, 2020

Follow The Lead is a new marketing firm launched this week in Miami with their sights set on shaking up the lead generation business…particularly in real estate. As a lead generation specialist and a licensed Realtor, the founder says he is the perfect candidate to revolutionize real estate generation in South Florida and beyond. 

Nicholas has also teamed up with his brother who is a marketing specialist and event expert. Helping with the technology side of the business is their father Kraig Hiersche, an experienced platform architect and software developer. Together, the brothers have taken their previous business from nothing to yearly sales of multi-millions. They now look to bring that strength to digital marketing while bringing their father into the fold to provide superior technology for the company.

“Working with family is usually a complicated situation but we have always given our businesses each of our strengths which compliment each other. It’s a partnership that has built successful businesses and lasted 16 years, so we think we have proven that our dynamic relationship means success for businesses.” – Kyle Hiersche (Co Founder of Follow The Lead)

With many Realtors in South Florida and nationwide looking to get a leg up on competition through new technology, Follow The Lead plans to step in to help. Many agents have seen their business decline due to market conditions and saturation of other agents in the business.

“There are 180,000 Realtors just in Florida.” said founder Nicholas Hiersche, “They are all fighting for the same listings and home buyers which are limited. What makes the difference is how are you going to get in front of potential new clients, how are you going to organize them, and how are you going to follow up with them?”  

Real estate agents nationwide are looking to take their business to the digital realm where their clients spend time every day. That transition to doing business online is not an easy one and for most it will take some guidance. Follow The Lead looks forward to helping businesses in South Florida and nationwide with the guidance needed to generate more leads.

About Follow The Lead Marketing Agency

Follow The Lead is a digital marketing firm that specializes in lead generation, sales funnels, and Facebook/Google Ads. With Certified professionals handling campaigns, businesses can place their trust in Follow The Lead to maximize the return of their online advertising. For more information, contact or visit
Advertising Clients Include: Stiglich Law (, High Performance Homes (, Miami Live Event Center (, Funnld Real Estate CRM (

About Nicholas Hiersche

With 12 years of experience and over $2 Million spent on ads, Nicholas Hiersche has the credentials to help any business generate more leads and sales online. Nicholas has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Entrepreneurship from the University of Oregon. He is a Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional, Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate, and a Google Certified Google Ads Specialist. He is an Entrepreneur, Licensed Realtor, Published Author, Public Speaker, and the President of a multi-million dollar event company. 

For more information on Nicholas Hiersche, visit:

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Nick Hiersche Advertising Expert

As the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company he founded at 15 years old, Kyle Hiersche had an early start as an entrepreneur. By age 27, he managed to purchase commercial and residential investment properties and a nightclub in Miami Beach. As the owner of six companies, Kyle has a plethora of experience as an entrepreneur to share with the world. Today at the age of 31, Kyle remains an Entrepreneur as well as an author, licensed Realtor, real estate investor, and digital marketing expert.

About Follow The Lead

We are an Ad Agency that helps our clients do one thing, generate new leads for their business.

We offer lead generation programs to help small to medium businesses generate new leads and customers for sales. We generate leads for Real Estate, Mortgage, Law Firms, Contractors, Home Services, Events, Software/Apps and more.


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