Follow The Lead E-Book Chapter 1: The Power of The Lead

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Chapter 1: The Power of The Lead

To live and die by the lead is the reality for many businesses in 2020. With so many competitors and so many ways for them to reach customers, we are forced to take more control of our sales and business. The days of letting customers come to us or pass by a “storefront” are long over. Now we must find the customers, get in front of them numerous times and then follow up consistently. 

Lead generation tools and automated lead funnels are needed for many to succeed in today’s landscape. Companies with these in place are sure to dwarf the sales of those without them. Finding customers online and converting them is the lifeblood of many businesses. It applies to selling products, real estate, services, and even getting people to come to a physical location. This is all originating online. 

How we target these potential customers and what process we use to convert them will determine the success of our business. It is not enough to just sit around and respond to a few leads that come to us naturally. We must advertise to seek out the leads and capture them. Once the lead is captured, we must put them through an automated funnel to convert them and create follow up campaigns. The lead is where the power of our current and future sales lie.

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Follow The Lead is a Book by Nick & Kyle Hiersche focused on generating leads, sales funnels and Facebook/Google Ads. With over 12 years of experience, Nick Hiersche from Follow The Lead Agency has spent over $2 Million on ads and is certified by Facebook as a Media Planning Professional and Digital Marketing Associate. He is also certified by Google as a Google Ads Search Specialist. This book combines Nick and Kyle’s experience in advertising to give helpful tips to anyone from beginners to experts looking to improve their results.

As the CEO of a multimillion-dollar company he founded at 15 years old, Kyle Hiersche had an early start as an entrepreneur. By age 27, he managed to purchase commercial and residential investment properties and a nightclub in Miami Beach. As the owner of six companies, Kyle has a plethora of experience as an entrepreneur to share with the world. Today at the age of 31, Kyle remains an Entrepreneur as well as an author, licensed Realtor, real estate investor, and digital marketing expert.

About Follow The Lead

We are an Ad Agency that helps our clients do one thing, generate new leads for their business.

We offer lead generation programs to help small to medium businesses generate new leads and customers for sales. We generate leads for Real Estate, Mortgage, Law Firms, Contractors, Home Services, Events, Software/Apps and more.


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